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Building a functional, good looking, affordable steel buildings structure doesn’t have to be complicated.

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At U-Build Steel Buildings we’ve designed an 6 step process that allows you to quickly and efficiently erect a steel building to suit your exact needs.

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Step #1

Contact Us

Considering a steel building? Give us the “where and when” and we can start helping you define your project and understand our process. We are here to see your structure from design to erection.

U-Build Steel Buildings | Design

Step #2


After we’ve uncovered your needs, we’ll send you drawings and a quote for consideration. Every UBuild Steel Building is produced with the highest-quality steel, offering long-lasting value and protection.

U-Build Steel Buildings | Engineering

Step #3


We know that every project is different. That’s why each building is engineered specific to the size, location and function that you specify. We’ll go over everything from delivery load sizes to local building authorities, making sure your building is able to go up without a problem.

U-Build Steel Buildings | Fabrication

Step #4


U-Build Steel Buildings come to you ready for erection. We ensure all parts are pre-fabricated to your exact specifications, making the building process as simple and hassle-free as possible.

U-Build Steel Buildings | Delivery

Step #5


Once your building is purchased, the next step is preparing to receive the shipment. At this point you can begin making sure your job site is prepared and ready to be home to a brand new building!

U-Build Steel Buildings | Project Management

Step #6

Project Management

U-Build Steel Buildings are made to be easy to erect – you can do it yourself, or we can set you up with a trusted local contractor to help speed up the process. We only work with trusted and talented partners, and can provide competitive pricing for all construction needs.

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