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U-Build Steel Buildings: Your Building.
Your Way.

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The U-Build Difference

U-Build Steel Buildings is your direct from manufacturer route to purchasing your next custom steel building. Our customer service is second to none in the steel building industry. With 55+ years of experience in the steel building industry, you'll be accessing a wealth of knowledge when you choose to build with U-Build. At U-Build, customer service is our priority. Exceeding our client expectations is our goal.

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Get your quote faster with U-Build Steel Buildings.

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Faster Delivery

U-Build Steel Buildings can delivery a building in as fast as 6 weeks.

U-Build Fast Quote

Easy & Friendly Process

U-Build Steel Buildings provides outstanding customer support.

Prefabricated Metal Buildings

We create easy-to-assemble prefabricated metal building kits for a variety of markets.


U-Build agriculture

Plan for the long-term growth and success of your farm by building with steel.

Machine Sheds, Shops, Livestock Shelters, Dairy Barns, Product Storage, and more!

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U-Build aviation

Steel hangars are ideal for protecting your planes and helicopters.

Small, medium, and large aircraft hangars for any industry and location.

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U-Build retail

Prefabricated steel buildings are the practical solution for most retail facilities.

Shopping Centres, Vehicle Dealerships, Oil Change Services, Restaurants, Office Spaces, and more!

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U-Build equestrian

Steel buildings are the ideal choice for long-term, high-quality, riding arenas.

Our prefabricated steel buildings are customized to your requirements for your professional grade arena.

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U-Build industrial

Our prefabricated steel structures are the most economical solution for any industrial building.

Manufacturing, Mining, Logistics and more!

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U-Build recreational

Our prefabricated steel structures are an economical and energy efficient solution for your recreational facility.

Gymnasiums, Fitness Centres, Bowling Lanes, Aquatic Centres, and more!

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U-Build warehouses

Protect your inventory and other assets by choosing steel for your warehouse building.

Small, medium, large, exceptionally large custom warehouses available.

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U-Build workshops

By building with steel, your workshop will last generations.

Build it your way with U-Build Steel Buildings custom workshops and garages.

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Other Premium Steel Building Products

Check out more of our metal building systems and premium steel products.

Self Storage

U-Build self storage

Our light gauge self storage buildings are ideal for both personal and professional storage needs.

A small row of storage units, or an entire complex.

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Standard Building

U-Build standard building

U-Build Steel Buildings has two standard garage/workshop building packages available.

Standard buildings have set prices and a delivery time as fast as 6 weeks.

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Insulated Metal Panels

U-Build insulated metal panels

We conveniently offer Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) as an option with any of our Rigid Frame structures.

You can also purchase our IMPs on their own for other building projects.

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See what our customers think of our steel building products and services.

We started with a grain company and we built their steel building to create service space, workspace, and manufacturing space, and it’s done all of that so it’s become very very crucial to our entire operation.

- Ben Peters, President, BP & Sons Grains, 2022

I would say, being on site we’re quite satisfied. When we’re looking at the columns and the rafters, all the clips that are actually welding on to those components are very crucial when we’re putting up purlins and girts. Obviously, pre-eng buildings being like a lego site, things need to fit really tight, and if they are it makes our job a lot easier and more efficient for our workers to complete the project.

- Frank Melo, Director, Double Black Construction, 2023

U-Build always offers post-manufacturing support. This tends to be one of the most important parts as far as our company – you know the construction process. We’re all human, once in awhile there’s a mistake here and there but the key is having a team that has your back, is there for you, that’s able to correct the problem, fix it immediately, and that’s something that we find with U-Build. And we tend not to have too many problem at all but if there ever is one we’re comforted to know they’re there for us.

- Darren Sperling, Director, Double Black Construction, 2023