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U-Build also offers traditional fiberglass insulation envelope solutions. This insulation comes in a variety of different types, and is tailored to your building. A couple different types are:

Energy Saver System:

The energy saver system is a cavity fill insulation that is supported with a banding system. The energy saver system also includes a support fabric that acts as a vapour guard. On the walls, this system fills the cavity and is held with coils to support it. This also comes with the support fabric to act as a vapour guard in the walls.

Energy Saver Insulation System
U-Build Steel Buildings: Energy Saver Insulation System Energy Saver Insulation System

Faced Metal Building Insulation:

Faced metal building insulation is a single layer of insulation that is rolled over the purlins and girts. This is sandwiched between the exterior cladding and the secondary to be held in place. This comes faced with WMP-50 Vapor Guard.

Faced Metal Building Insulation System
U-Build Steel Buildings: Faced Metal Building Insulation System Faced Metal Building Insulation System
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